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The internet is a good thing, it makes information and files easy to get. Gone are the days when you had to call one BBS after the other to find what you were after. Or are they gone?
Trying to find Falcon demos on the internet is a pain. There's a few at, another few at and yet another few at plus half a dozen other places. These places gather up a great deal of files. But no-one of them have a good structure - just a bunch of archives with cryptic names - and no-one of them cooperates with the other, generating much duplicate files - and the dupes have more than often differnt file names too.
This is an attempt to straighten out the mess. We will try to have all Falcon demos available collected in one place. Sorted by the crews who did them, and sub-sorted by the year they were released. We are at the beginning yet, but with over three hundred demos and intros available at launch. We expect there to be another 100-200 demos and intros to gather, which will be added to the collection as time goes by.
Some history
Over the past couple of years, there has been some small talk about an upcoming Atari.Org Falcon demo archive. In fact, about two years ago, it went into something more than small talk and we started to design a database in which all the Falcon demos should be carefully submitted, with all possible information. Unfortenly, it all stopped more or less where it started. There's a table in the DB, some forms but nothing that is ready to use.
Now, two years later, the project has been re-initiated. We have put the fancy plans onto the shelf for the time being. Instead of presenting you with the ultimate collection and information-database about Falcon demos, we can just give you the collection.
So, what about a database over the demos?
There are other sites that concentrate on storing demo information in a database, such as the excellent Pouet.Net. While Pouet.Net doesn't have the kind of DB layout we had in mind (linking gfxmen, coders, musicans as well as crews) it is still an excellent resource and a good substitute. Instead, let us co-operate with Pouet.Net - we provide the files while you, the users, submit the demos into their database, and link the download to us. That way, finding Falcon demos will be much much easier that it has previously been.
And now, the important stuff
Browse over three hundred Falcon-demos! Count as of January 16, 2005: 312 demos/intros
Last words
Please bear in mind that we are aware that this collection is not yet complete. We are aware that some productions are in the "unknown" folder and we are aware that many demos are yet to be sub-sorted into year of release.
Anyhow, if you want to give feedback, help us out in some way (finding more demos or help sub-sorting the demos), please don't hestitate to contact us.
The Atari.Org Staff

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